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8AL8-1 - L8-1 Reading L7 GN1& 2 Short Form to eat to...

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Unformatted text preview: L8-1 Reading L7 GN1& 2 Short Form to eat to return to go to come CR p.10 Non-Past Long/Short forms--Verb Long Short --dict. form --nai-form --dict. form --nai-form When to use the short forms? 1. Casual speech (As signs of "intimacy") 2. Within some complex sentence patterns -Form -Verb - Verb Form of a -Verb Take off the , and add a . Form of an -Verb Change _U, to _A and add a . Irregular Verb -Form Special Case: When the dict. Form ends with -form of - Verbs -stem -stem Dict. Form Dic. form Type form Dic. form Typ e form need exist wear cut Informal Speech ...
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