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37-CS106X-Practice-Final - CS106X Winter 2008 Handout 37...

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CS106X Handout 37 Winter 2008 March 13, 2008 CS106X Practice Final Exam Facts: When: Friday, March 21 st at 8:30 a.m. in 260-113 When: Friday, March 21 st at 3:30 p.m. in Gates B03 You can take the exam at either time, regardless of conflict or not. You don’t need to email me if you’re planning on attending the earlier time, since I’ll be prepared to give the exam to everyone if everyone shows up. Coverage The final is comprehensive and covers material from the entire quarter, but will tend to focus on the topics covered after the midterm, which means be prepared for nitty-gritty implementation-side work (pointers, linked lists, trees, graphs, function pointers, and so on). It will be a 3-hour exam. It will be open book/open note, but no electronics. This handout is intended to give you practice solving problems that are comparable to those which will appear on the exam. We highly recommend working through the problems in test-like conditions to prepare for the actual exam. Many of our section problems have been taken from previous exams and chapter exercises from the reader often make appearances in same or similar forms on exams, so both of those resources are a valuable source of study material as well. Be sure to bring the reader with you to the exam. We won't repeat the standard class definitions on the exam, so the reader appendix will come in handy for looking up the library interfaces. SCPD students can either come to campus, or they can take the exam remotely anytime after Friday afternoon at 3:30 p.m. The exam will be posted as a handout once it’s been administered, at which point you can pull it, print it, give yourself an uninterrupted block of three hours to take it, and then fax it in to me when you’re done. My cell and fax numbers will be printed on the front page of the exam. You can call me during if you have questions, and you used the fax number to get us a copy of your exam. Hold on to your original until you get the faxed copy back. You don’t need to take the exam at the office, and you don’t need a proctor. Just self-administer so you have maximum flexibility on when you take the exam.
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Problem 1: Recursion The Divide function is given a word and recursively attempts to divide its letters into two separate words. The order of the letters is preserved (i.e. the two words formed must be subsequences of the original word) and all letters must be used. You can determine which strings are words by using a Lexicon object, just as you did for Boggle. The function should return true if there is a valid division into two words, false otherwise. You needn’t actually return the pair of words.
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