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3 Pre-Confucian Thought

3 Pre-Confucian Thought - Pre-Confucian Thought Chinese...

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Pre-Confucian Thought January 22, 2008 Chinese name: Kong o Fuzi= master o Confucius: Latinized name o 551-279 BC Agriculture, livestock, hunting = stable civilization Sacrifices to spirits and afterlife Stone Age --> Bronze --> Iron "superior" culture (to those living on border) Most efficient agriculture system at the time Successions --> dynasties o Xia o Shang Yin (Oracle Bones) o Zhou (longest dynasty) By Shang Yin --> mobility, writing Humanism: tendency of giving esteemed positions/roles onto humans (not gods) Giving credit to ancestors for civilization --> use of fire Religion o "Lord on high" = great god in the sky Inscribed on oracle bones o Zhou dynasty: heaven --> spirits of ancestors responds to sacrifices and provide for human welfare o System of rewards and punishment: decency and behavior o Fu Xi = ox tamer= taught the Chinese to domesticate wild animals (28-52 BC) Instituted family life, hunting (not writing) o Shen Nong= divine farmer; invented agriculture and tools
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