Human Nutrition - Ch. 4 Simple carbs: includes...

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Ch. 4 h Simple carbs: includes monosaccharides and disaccharides such as glucose, fructose and galactose h Complex carbs: they are called polysaccharides such as glycogen, starches and dietary fiber h Monosaccharide: Glucose (blood sugar), Fructose (fruit sugar), Galactose (bound with glucose to form milk sugar lactose). h Disaccharides: Maltose(alcohol)=glucose+glucose. Sucrose(table sugar)=glucose+fructose. Lactose=galactose+glucose. h Polysaccharides: Glycogen (storage form of starch in liver and muscle), Starch (Amylose—straight chain polymer; Amylopectin—highly branched) h Dietary Fiber: undigested plant food. Body cannot break bonds. Insoluble fiber: indigestible and does not dissolve in water Soluble fiber: Indigestible but dissolves in water. h Carb digestion and absorption In mouth—salivary amylase In stomach—hydrolyze starch Absorption primarily takes place in small intestine Glucose and galactose has active absorption Fructose has facilitated diffusion. In liver galactose and fructose are converted to glucose
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Human Nutrition - Ch. 4 Simple carbs: includes...

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