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A. What are the individual effects of separated wars on regional or global ecosystems and what are the cumulative effects of near continuous, on-going wars around the world? Environmental degradation follows war as seen with the destruction of the date palm forests along the Shatt al-arab estuary during the Iran-Iraq War. Numerous ecosystems can be degraded by warfare. Coastal and marine environments become polluted with oil. Marine bird populations can suffer greatly from oil spills. During the Iraq Iran War 30,000 wintering seabirds died as a result of oil spills. The atmosphere becomes polluted as well due to high carbon dioxide emissions. Tons of smoke is produced by oil well fires. Acidic precipitation also increases. Terrestrial lands become saturated with toxic wastes from weapons and bombs. Water supplies can become contaminated from this hazardous waste. Soils also can become very salty and erosion of the lands can also occur. Physical degradation of landscapes occurs due to bunkers, trenches, and tanks.
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