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27-Section-Handout - CS106X Winter 2008 Handout 27 Section...

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CS106X Handout 27 Winter 2008 February 13, 2008 Section Handout Problem 1: Removing Duplicates Write a function RemoveDuplicates that given a linked list will remove and free the second of all neighboring duplicates found in the list. If the incoming list is (5 5 22 37 89 89 15 15 22) the function will destructively modify the list to contain (5 22 37 89 15 22). Don't worry about duplicate sequences longer than 2 or duplicates that aren't right next to each other in the list. struct node { int value; node *next; }; void RemoveDuplicates(node *list); Problem 2: Ribonucleic Acid and Codons Ribonucleic acid—more commonly referred to as RNA—consists of a series of molecular subunits chained together to form a polymer. Each of these subunits is constrained to be one of four nucleotides : adenine ( A ), guanine ( G ), uracil ( U ), or cytosine ( C ). Genetic information is expressed via tri-nucleotide units (such as UAC or GGU ) called codons , so that an RNA strand of 36 nucleotides, for example, is really a sequence of 12 codons. By crawling over a
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