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CS106X Handout 04 Winter 2008 January 11, 2008 Electronic Submission This handout was written by Mehran Sahami and updated by Nick Miyake and Jerry Cain. Submission procedures When you submit a completed assignment, you will turn it two versions, a paper printout and an electronic copy. Bring the paper copy to class to turn in. The electronic submission is done on-line as described in this handout. Below are the instructions for submitting your assignments electronically. Be sure to follow them careful to ensure that your files have been submitted correctly. If you run into problems, contact the head TA, Tim Lipus, or your section leader immediately. Before you begin this process, place all of the files that you will be submitting in a folder (directory), and rename the folder to your full name (e.g., "Joe Smith"). You should also make sure that your name and section leader’s name are clearly indicated in the comments at the top of each of your files. You submit all of the .cpp/.cc and .h files that you write or modify. We do not need your project file or the executable version of your program. If you need to resubmit your project, append a revision number to the end. For instance, use “Joe Smith - 2” for the second submission.
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04-Electronic-Submission - CS106X Winter 2008 Handout 04...

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