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March 4, 2008 A.Albanese-“manyness” and “oneness,” but also “otherness” a. “Something is doing religious work if it is engaged in negotiation what it is to be human. Classification, orientation, and negotiation-these are the processes that I look for when I study religion and religions: the processes of classifying persons into superhuman, human, and subhuman; the processes of orienting persons in time and space; and the contested negotiations over
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Unformatted text preview: the ownership of those classifications and orientations. C.Trembling Before G-D a. Tensions within groups/communities b.Tensions between groups/communities c. Impulse to preserve tradition vs. impulse towards radical change-are these at odds? D.Why and how does difference matter? a. Gender & Sexuality b.Race/Ethnicity c. Class d.Double bind? Being an other within an othered group e. Changing traditions-receiving and handing down something new...
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