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HW23 - soldiers will be praised by all citizens 32.5 1...

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Mike Garnick CLA 102 – 003 HW 4/16/2008 32.4 1. Multi iuvenes sunt ducti a Bruto Athenis in Macedoniam. – Many young men were led by Brutus from Athens into Macedonia. 2. Pater Marci occisus erat a Antonio. – The father of Marcus had been killed by Antonius. 3. Mors mei patris vindicabor a me. – The death of my father will be avenged by me. 4. Libertas est defensus a Bruto solus. – Liberty was defended by Brutus alone. 5. Exercitus Antonii superabuntur a milites Bruti. – The army of Antony will be overcome by the soldiers of Brutus. 6. Et Brutus et eius milites laudabuntur ab omnes cives. – Both Brutus and his
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Unformatted text preview: soldiers will be praised by all citizens. 32.5 1. Marcus ducebatur ad tabernam ab amico. 2. Subito aliquis vocavit eum. Inquit, “A quo sum vocatus?” 3. Amicus respondit, “Ecce! Vocaris a Bruto.” 4. Marcus respexit et vidit Brutum accedentem. 5. Brutus salutavit eum et inquit, “Marcus, vis venire mecum ad Macedoniam? 6. Si pugnas mecum por libertatem, laudaberis ab omne.” 7. Marcus, commovit magnopere ab his verbis, inquit, “Pugnabo tecum, quod libertas defenditur a te solum.” 8. Mox composuerat eius rem et ductus est a Bruto ad Macedoniam....
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