HW 32 part 1

HW 32 part 1 - message 4 Flaccus said “What do you feel...

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Mike Garnick CLA 102-003 HW 4/16/2008 32.1 1. They are loved 7. They were being attacked 2. He is ruled 8. He/she was handed over 3. You all are heard 9. He/she will be handed over 4. You are warned 10. You will be sent 5. You were being led 11. You are sent 6. We will be seen 32.2 1. You will be called 12. He/she had been scared 2. You were called 13. He/she is scared 3. He kept being called 14. He/she scared 4. I had been called 15. I am put 5. They kept on calling 16. You will be put 6. You are called 17. You are put 7. I called 18. They put 8. They were being scared 19. They had been put 9. He/she was scared 20. I had put 10. They were scared 21. They were put 11. They were scaring 32.3 1. Everyday worse messages were being carried to Venusia from Rome. 2. Flaccus was being moved greatly by these rumors. 3. He was sitting in the tavern with his friends, who had been railing at the new
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Unformatted text preview: message. 4. Flaccus said, “What do you feel? The republic is dragged again into civil war. It is neither right nor you read they will be well. 5. Ganymedes said, “I don’t wish to worry you, we are here long in Rome. We will not be worried by civil war.” 6. Flaccus said, “I do not wish to tell nonsense, all Italy will be overturned, or rather the whole world. 7. My son studies in Athens. He will be dragged into war by Brutus.” 8. The friends ordered him to say better, saying, “Don’t despair, Flaccus. Without a doubt, peace will be saved. The leader will be influenced into harmony.” 9. Flaccus however did not believe them. He was always worried by these rumors, because of these and for the republic and for he was fearing for his son....
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HW 32 part 1 - message 4 Flaccus said “What do you feel...

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