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HW 31 part 2 - 9 Scintilla said “Argus having been...

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Mike Garnick CLA 102-003 HW 4/10/2008 30.4 1. Cicero was very worried by the rumors, about which Marcus had accepted. 2. The letter to Marcus had been written by Tironus. 3. Marcus has been very moved by that letter, for his father was coming to Athens. 4. But he was freed from care by another letter; for his father had been retained in Rome by public matters. 5. The young men had been called together at the theater. 6. All were looking for Theomnestus, when Brutus was led into the theater. 7. Horatia had been called home by Scintilla. 8. When she arrived, Horatia said, “Why have you called me?”
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Scintilla said, “Argus, having been attacked by a wolf, has been wounded gravely.” 10. Horatia was moved by theses words. She hurried to the dog and cared for him. 30.5 1. Argus a Horatia servatus est. 2. Canis relictus erat in casam a Scintilla. 3. Cum Horatia rediit a fonte, vidit casam ardentem. 4. Ea timita est, sed traxit Argum in hortum. 5. Flaccus a Scintilla vocatus est, sed cum advenit, ignis superatus erat. 6. Horatia laudata est a patre, quod ea servata est Argum....
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