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HW 31 part 1 - 7 You have been scared by dogs 8 The dogs...

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Mike Garnick CLA 102-003 HW 4/9/2008 31.1 1. He/she conquers 2. I have been conquered 3. They will have been conquered 4. You conquered 5. They had been conquered 6. We had been taken 7. He/she takes 8. He/she took 9. She has been taken 10. You all take 11. I sent 12. We have been sent 13. Sending 14. I had been sent 15. He/she shall have been sent 31.2 1. Marcus had been sent to Athens by his father. 2. Quintus has been called by Marcus. 3. The young men have been very moved. 4. They have been ordered to return home. 5. The letter had been written by Quintus. 6. The letter now will have been accepted by Scintilla.
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Unformatted text preview: 7. You have been scared by dogs? 8. The dogs have been held back by the farmer. 31.3 1. Argus a Horatia servatus est. – Argus has been saved by Horatia. 2. Horatia a patre laudata est – Horatia has been praised by her father. 3. Cratippus ab iuvenibus auditus erant – Cratippus had been listened to by the young men. 4. Libertas a Bruto defensa est – Liberty had been defended by Brutus. 5. Eram ab patre monitus – I had been warned by my father. 6....
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