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NAME:____________________ Extra Credit Quiz #2 Sociology 105 Lisa Barnett, Spring 1999 1. Of the following, which includes only elements of material culture? a. Art, technology, weapons, hairstyles b. Religion, politics, Democracy, family c. Art, clothing, hairstyles, architecture d. Weapons, religion, technology, clothing 2. June promised her roommates that she would bring home some charcoal for their barbecue party. After the party had already started, June arrived without any charcoal! For the rest of
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Unformatted text preview: the evening, everyone avoided her and wouldn’t even make eye contact with her. Which of the following types of social sanctions were June’s roommates and friends imposing on her? a. Informal positive sanctions c. Informal negative sanctions b. Formal positive sanctions d. Formal negative sanctions 3. One might reasonably argue that __________is to sociology as Charles Darwin is to biology. a. Max Weber c. Emile Durkheim a b b. Herbert Spencer d. Lisa Barnett...
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