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=-Geog306, Spring 2008 Assignment 5 Due: April 3, 2007 Significance Tests Answer Sheet: include your hypotheses, your p-value, and a properly labeled curve. Make sure to write down your major/concentration. Hint: watch for small sample sizes. 1. Mean annual water consumption per household in a certain city is 6800 L. The variance is 1,440,000. A random sample of 40 households in one neighborhood reveals a mean of 5500 L. Test the hypothesis that this neighborhood has lower water usage than the rest of the city with a 0.05 level of significance. Use a classical hypothesis test. Population mean = 6800 sample mean = 5500 variance = 1440000 alpha = 0.05 H0 : 2. An industrial plant claims to discharge no more than 1000 gallons of wastewater per hour, on the average, into a neighboring lake. Monitoring the discharge is very expensive and only a very small sample is possible. A random sample of four hours is selected over a week. The observations were 2000, 1000, 3000, and 2000 gallons. Test the hypothesis that the company is
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