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Assignment 3 - Geog306 Spring 08 Assigned Feb 19 Due Mar 4...

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Geog306 Assignment 3 Spring 08 Probability Assigned: Feb 19 Due: Mar 4 Cover sheet: Give the value for each variable, the correct p statement you are to find, and the final probability. For questions that involve the normal distribution, draw and label a normal curve as we did in class. Instruction: Solve these problems by hand (use the table in the back from the textbook) or use R. You need show your work (neatly write out each step so that we can follow your solution process). 1. The probability of rain on any given day in June in Cambridge is 0.8. Assuming that the weather on each day is independent of the weather on other days, find the probability that it rains on at least 25 days in June. Here n = number of days in June = 30, probability of rain on atleast 25 days = 1 – probability of rain on at the most 24 days Therefore n = 30, p = 0.8, x = 24 and using R 1 – pbinom(24;30, 0.8) = 1 – 0.5724876 = 0.4275124 ANS 2. Suppose a certain region of California experiences about 5 earthquakes per year. Assume the occurrences follow a Poisson distribution. What is the probability of 3 earthquakes in a given year? Here: lambda = 5 and k = 3 therefore poisson distribution = 0.2650259 3. The heights of a large sample of buildings in central business districts in the eastern U.S. were found to be approximately normally distributed with mean 67.56 and standard deviation 25.7 feet. (
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This homework help was uploaded on 04/18/2008 for the course GEOG 306 taught by Professor Yeo during the Spring '08 term at Maryland.

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Assignment 3 - Geog306 Spring 08 Assigned Feb 19 Due Mar 4...

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