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Assignment 4

Assignment 4 - Geog306 Spring 08 Assigned Feb 26 Due Mar 11...

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Geog306 Assignment 4 Spring 08 Confidence Intervals and Sample Size Assigned: Feb 26 Due: Mar 11 Name:_______________________________ Concentration:_______________________ Coversheet: Write down the numbers of the problem set and answers only. Be certain to write down your name and major (concentration). Solve these problems by hand and show your work (use the table in the back from the textbook) 1. A large factory is considering starting a carpool program for its employees. A decision will be based on the geographic distribution of the employees’ homes. One variable that will be considered is the distance each employee lives from the factory. For a random sample of 100 employees, the mean distance is 6.3 miles and the standard deviation is 4.0. Find a 90% confidence interval for the mean residential distance from the factory for all employees. 2. Researchers want to estimate the mean farm acreage in Canada. The estimate must be correct to within 25 acres with probability 0.95. A preliminary study suggests that 80 acres is a reasonable
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