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Use Case Name: Student Apartment Search ID: _1_ Importance Level : High Primary Actor: Student / Customer Short Description: This use case describes how a student searches the database for an apartment Trigger: Student decides to search for an apartment Major Inputs: Description Source 1. Web site address Student 2. Desired Number of bedrooms Student 3. Desired Number of bathrooms Student 4. Monthly rent range Student 5. Restrictions Student 6. Apt. informations Inventory DB 8. Single apt information request Student 9. Details about single apartment Inventory DB Major Outputs: Description Destination 7. Apts matching with search request Student 10. Apt. Detail- Number of bedrooms
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Unformatted text preview: Student 11. Apt. Detail- Number of bathrooms Student 12. Apt. Detail- Monthly rent Student 13. Apt. Detail- Restrictions Student 14. Owner contact information Student Major Steps Performed Information for Steps 1. Student browses to Apartment search website. Website address 2. Student enter search criteria and receives display of apartments matching customer request Search request List of Apt that match request 3. Student requests and receive more information about one apartment. Apt info. Request Apt info 4. Student requests Apartment Owner information Apt owner info. Request Apt owner info....
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