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Western Heritage-Rome

Western Heritage-Rome - Western Heritage Hellenistic...

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Western Heritage 10/25/05 Hellenistic Era -architecture -now there is a focus on civic buildings instead of religious buildings of the Hellenic age -Monument to Lysicrates- Athens not a temple but is a solid monument not a square Hellenic building it is round with columns but are merged with the sides Corinthian columns lysicrates won a choral competition and built a monument for himself he didn’t actually sing he was the owner -most historians say that the change in architecture is because of a change in government in a non democratic gov’t the people will want to make themselves heard by making monuments and such to themselves(monarchy’s) -hellenic cities could only grow so large because they had no set road paths and people got lost -hellenistic cities had a grid plan and it enabled them to grow as large as they want -Priene- Hellenistic city, laid out in a perfect grid, has all the Grecian buildings but just in a grid -hellenistic cities had big populations and then all the buildings would be larger to accommodate them -homes started to become lavish in the Hellenistic era individualism and materialism were important -secular architecture includes theatre -the plays are no longer serious or religious they are more for light entertainment -theatre of Dionysus held 15,000 epidarus 30,000 pergamum 50,000 -focus on gov’t/civic buildings start of belief that it is symbol of power to have large capitals -pergamum- 2 nd Athena- greatest Hellenistic city- located in asia minor- capital of the attalid kings remained intact because the generals willed it to the romans the goddess was Athena polis had the big buildings and elaborate decorations considered one of the wonders of the ancient world acropolis had 120,000 people itself libraries and people started to collect ancient works like books of homer or stuff to that effect marc antony took the collection from the library of pergamum and gave it to Cleopatra museum held many of the ancient greek works Hellenistic sculpture Idealism(plato) replaced by Hellenistic realism(Aristotle) Dieing galls placed all around the acropolis would be like walking around the battle field And almost re-enact the battle Mustache was the sign of a barbarian and also spike their hair with bear Greece and tork His elaborate necklace-showed his wealth Hellenistic gauls were portrayed as very large so that it looks like a great victory More honorable to kill yourself than to be taken hostage Altar of zeus and Athena- credited with helping the pergamums oust the gauls Frieze is like a giant billboard of the battle with the gauls Could only approach from the front of the temple
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Columns are small and on top of the building Sculpture is huge and has a lot of diagonals and a lot of undercutting which cause a great Contrast between light and dark Head of odysseus has a lot of emotion on his face Laocoon- group sculpture, story of homer, priest laocoon says don’t take the horse into The town but the serpents carried him into the sea
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Western Heritage-Rome - Western Heritage Hellenistic...

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