Western Heritage-Egypt-Greece

Western Heritage-Egypt-Greece - Western Heritage 9/6/05

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Western Heritage 9/6/05 Stephanie.Stacey@pepperdine.edu Elizabeth.parang@pep perdine.edu Sherrie.Martinez@pepperdine.edu MY TA Sonia.Sorrell@pepperdine.edu Pre-Historic Era 40,000 bce homo sapien sapien extinct the Neanderthal in Europe Paleolithic –(early Stone age) 5 million bce to 8000 bce Mesolithic- (middle stone age) 10,000 Neolithic - (new stone age) Paleolithic – Ice age – earth’s water supply was frozen in glaciers Oceans we’re 300 ft lower Food was scarce, living was difficult, Hunters and gathers(nomads) Followed the Wooly Mammoth Made buildings from mammoth bones and skins Sought shelter in caves Art was a way to deal with difficult circumstances and bring order to their disordered lives Body jewelry, adornment shows the class of people and distinguish within a group Venus ????? symbolism of sex and survival larger woman meant she was fed No feet, no hands, no facial features accentuate fertility 4” tall Art shows abstract thought in early civilizations, shows and attempt to control the future as well as the fact that they are thinking about there future 1879-first cave painting discovery 1940-Lasco found in France People lived at the openings of the caves Paintings were found at the backs of caves and are not for decoration Theories of cave paintings –way of older men teaching younger men to hunt -images were created as part of witchcraft to ensure a good hunt -created by spiritual leaders painting what they saw while in trance -Bulls were a very common animal -women painted images to ensure a good hunt for the men -sketched the outlines first then painted with ocre, chalk, charcoal, mixed with animal fat -used the natural features of the wall to accentuate the pictures -All the animals have scars on them symbolizing spears thrown at them -tetiform- some type of a built form(ideas-early architecture/snare/blind -Picture of man in a bison skin(hunting camouflage?? Ceremonial dress??) Mesolithic-10000 bc in iraq 3000 in england after ice age- period of warmer weather -Warmer weather animals become extinct Hunting becomes more difficult -People leave caves -Villages get flooded because the sea levels rise -Animals become domesticated(dog)
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-Agriculture began and resulted in more permanent structures -3 tech things that changed how we live the most Agriculture, writing, computer -with agriculture can shape environment and allows free time between periods of work time allows for specialization, few people can grow food for many, -People began to become more enticed in architecture Stonehenge 2000 bc -Celtic –stone celts -Construction 2 posts and top = lentil -Stones are called megaliths -Moved rocks on top of logs moving logs from back to front -Get rock to height by making dirt ramps -Made so that on the summer solstice the sun would land directly on the altar -Let the farmers know that the farming season is coming -56 holes around the perimeter to show the 56 year solar eclipse as well as the 19 year lunar eclipse -SHOWS that people were interested in the solar system and their future, shows
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Western Heritage-Egypt-Greece - Western Heritage 9/6/05

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