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Chemistry Rationale - Sharron K Smith Chemistry 1021L-15 Dr MaGee Group 4 Unknown Rationale Ions Present Ba2(aq Ca2(aq Ions Absent Mg2(aq To an

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Sharron K. Smith Chemistry 1021L-15 Dr. MaGee Group 4 Unknown Rationale March 27, 2008 Ions Present : Ba 2+ (aq) , Ca 2+ (aq ) Ions Absent : Mg 2+ (aq) To an unknown solution 6 M NH 3 and 1 M (NH 4 ) 2 CO 3 were added and a white precipitate was observed. This solid contains BaCO 3 ; it is insoluble according to the carbonate solubility rule. 6 M CH 3 COOH and 1 M NH 4 CH 3 COO were added to this white precipitate and a colorless solution was observed. The colorless solution contains Ba 2+ (aq) because the CH 3 COOH (aq) caused the BaCO 3(s) to go back into solution. 1 M K 2 CrO 4 was added to the colorless solution and a yellow precipitate was observed. This yellow precipitate is evidence that BaCrO 4(s) was formed, indicating the presence of Ba 2+ (aq) . The solid was washed with 6 M HNO 3 and 6 M HCl and then dissolved in water. A flame test was performed on the solution and a green flame was produced, confirming the presence of Ba 2+ (aq) .
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