DAP #1 - Smith 1 Sharron K. Smith January 31, 2008 History...

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Smith 1 Sharron K. Smith January 31, 2008 History 1041H-03 DAP #1 Africa and Europe Effects of Trade Between Africa and Portugal Esmeraldo de Situ Orbis was written by Duarte Pacheo, a 15 th century explorer and sea captain. In this writing, he describes the building of Sao de Jorge, the first Portuguese fortified trading post located in Africa. This writing is significant to the materials discussed in class in that it elaborates on the mechanisms of the trade between Africa and Portugal. The role of the Portuguese government in the actual construction of Sao de Jorge was immense. King Afonso V ordered the discovery of Mina and his son, King John, ordered the construction of the Castle of Sao Jorge de Mina. Pacheo’s audience was other Portuguese mariners, therefore, there was probably no reason for him to exaggerate or belittle his findings. The trade proved to be more profitable for the Portuguese than the Africans as Pacheo explained that Portuguese goods were sold atleast for three times more than what it was worth in Portugal and also that the profit of trade for the Portuguese was five to one compared to the Africans. He even went so far as to say that the African merchants did not use animals to carry their goods away, which was probably because they did not have very many goods when the trading was done. The document does provide some evidence that the Africans were accepting and tolerant of the Europeans. They agreed to trade with the Portuguese and also some that lived near the Castle accepted Christianity. Although the Portuguese had the advantage throughout the
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DAP #1 - Smith 1 Sharron K. Smith January 31, 2008 History...

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