DAP #2 - Sharron K Smith HIST 1041H-03 DAP#2 Nationalism...

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Sharron K. Smith HIST 1041H-03 DAP #2- Nationalism February 14, 2008 Nineteenth Century Nationalism and Imperialism in Western Europe “History of Germany in the Nineteenth Century” was written by Heinrich von Treitschke, a German historian. In this writing, he attempted to showcase the link between nationalism, racism, militarism and Germany becoming a Great Power, a term that describes a nation which is able to exercise its authority on a global scale. He speaks on different subjects including the State, monarchy, war, and compares the qualities of other ethnic groups, including English and Jews, to that of Germans. According to Treitschke, the State should be the most important aspect in any situation, whether it is individual or national. It represents power and the ability to increase power. He also explains the superiority of monarchy to democracy, citing that it is the most successful system of government in uniting the people and gaining power in the nation. War is a righteous notion and is described by Treitschke as the “drastic medicine for the human race.” He considers a lack of war weak, a characteristic that a Great Power would not exhibit. He even uses the Bible as support for his argument, stating that “the ruler shall rule by sword” and “that greater love hath no man than to lay down his life for a friend.” Lastly, Treitschke compares characteristic of Germans to the English and Jews. He views
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DAP #2 - Sharron K Smith HIST 1041H-03 DAP#2 Nationalism...

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