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Mike's vocab #1 - Our physics teacher was formerly an...

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1) Ameliorate – become better; make better; improve; enhance We expected business conditions to ameliorate but they became worse 2) Conserve – keep from waste, loss, or decay; save One way to conserve water is to repair leaking faucets. 3) Detriment – injury, damage, or something that causes it; disadvantage Skipping meals can be a detriment to your health. 4) Exotic – 1) introduced from another country; foreign The chrysanthemum, an exotic plant was brought from the Orient. 2) strikingly unusual, strange T he wallpaper ha an exotic charm. 5) Folly – lack of good sense, foolish action or undertaking It is folly to go on a long drive with a nearly empty gas tank. 6) Formerly – in an earlier period, previously
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Unformatted text preview: Our physics teacher was formerly an engineer. 7) Harmony – peaceable or friendly relations; accord; agreement; tranquility; concord A boundary dispute is making it impossible for the neighbors to live in harmony. 8) Ignore – refuse to take notice of; disregard You may get into a serious accident if you ignore a Stop sign. 9) Impediment – something that hinders or obstructs; hindrance; obstacle A person’s lack of education is often an impediment to advancement. 10) Indolent – disposed to avoid exertion, lazy; idle; lethargic I was so comfortable in the reclining chair that I became indolent and did not feel like studying...
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