apologyandcrito - Socrates and Plato - Birth of Political...

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Unformatted text preview: Socrates and Plato - Birth of Political Philosophy Socrates’ Background Socrates – Lived 469BC-399BC – Executed for corrupting youth and impiety (doesn’t believe in the Gods) – Never wrote anything – Lifelong quest for wisdom (philosophy)-Humiliates, but does it to be virtuous -Pursuing wisdom (Justice)- hoping to evolve -Plato and Socrates have different ways of teaching. (Plato tells us right out, Socrates helps get to the point) – Dialectical – Moving away from myth as explanation-questioning foundation of belief system… move away from myth-Socrates executed The Apology Socrates has been charged with impiety and with corrupting the youth of Athens, offenses punishable by death-Socrates believes he is being wrongly charged “Making the worst argument the stronger” He has been brought to trial and is given the opportunity to defend himself against the charges During this one day trial, a jury of 501 will determine guilt and his sentence--Athenian Jury had the power of life and death- Being disrespectful to jury instead of sucking up- It negates his pursuit of philosophy Apology: The Charges In general – Corrupting the Youth – Impiety – Should accept he is the “wisest” – Tries to prove otherwise…. (prove the God is wrong) – You have to believe in the God to try and prove wrong Impiety – Oracle at Delphi – Socrates Challenges the word of the god – Socrates sees this as devotion to the gods – To show everyone the importance of pursuing wisdom –...
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apologyandcrito - Socrates and Plato - Birth of Political...

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