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Aristotle - The Politics Aristotle – Some Background Lived 384-322 BC Student of Plato’s (late in Plato’s life) Not an Athenian More well rounded than Plato Depends on the state Different because zoology (animals act differently) No universal Man is political – unlike Plato (philosophers) Had his own school – the Lyceum (335 BC) Studied zoology, physics, medicine, etc. Differed from Plato on key issues Forms Human Nature Women -not rational -need men to govern over them -not capable of governing (almost status of slave) -postpartum, high infant mortality rates, emotional during birthing process -self fulfilling prophecy Rule of law vs. rule of men Aristotle is for the rule of men Best form of government aristocracy Worst form of government monarchy (only 1 citizen to live the good life) Aristotle – Book I - Nature and Origin of the State Elements which make up the state Family (necessary for the species to continue) -if a man can govern a family, he can govern the state Also – master / slave relationship Females and slaves differ from man and from each other in terms of reason Husband, Irrational Wife, kind of irrational children, and non- irrational slaves – teach slaves as much as they need to do their tasks (govern them) Husband rules over wife and children- do what’s best for the best (king ruling for the best of the people) At work- what’s good for the company Learning how to do kingly rule Who do we want governing our state? Constitutional -Village
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Moves beyond merely supplying daily needs Often an extended family Get companionship not available in the family Nature and Origin of the State cont. The state
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aristotle - Aristotle The Politics Aristotle Some...

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