Chapter 1- Introducing the Challenge

Chapter 1- Introducing the Challenge - Political Philosophy...

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Political Philosophy - Chapter 1 – Introducing the Challenge Political Philosophy: Introducing the Challenge How do we answer fundamental questions such as: What is the good life? -tells us what our political system will look like -what was necessary? -protection from government (individual rights/liberties) -safety/security = more important than rights and liberties (patriot act) -religion (government gets away with more) -political participation 150-200BC What is the proper function of government? -Aug. Help us build God’s City -Mach. Stability -Hobbs. Christian ruler w/ rights and freedoms -Locke. Life/Liberty/Property protected w/ limited freedoms -Rosseau. positive liberty- forced to be free -Marx- get rid of Capitalism Can an individual be involved in politics and still remain ethical? -Socrates. NO -Mach. – virtue (bringing about political stability) ex. Hitler (1938-1939) Is a citizen always obligated to obey government? -No. – Oppression, ex. Following orders in wartime -Yes. – Anarchy, Government and Nations need order What is Political Theory? Origins of Western Political Thought Approximately 400 BC -Myth, Religion explain anything that happened -Division of Labor = efficiency and specialty Search for wisdom -Pursuit of wisdom for the sake of wisdom -Cannot pursue until revolution of needs Philosophic idea of the soul -Higher purpose? -Born just to be on the planet? -Socrates (Plato’s Teacher), writing to both groups of believers/non-believers Desire to discover whether man has a higher purpose Ideas challenging and justifying authority -not believable/ threatening foundation of their universe Often seen as a threat to authority -Socrates threatened to look at the world in a different way
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Common treatment, diverse results (use this when reading each of the philosophers) 1) Consider some political crisis or set of problems
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Chapter 1- Introducing the Challenge - Political Philosophy...

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