mill - John Stewart Mill - (1806-1873) - Grounding Liberty...

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John Stewart Mill - (1806-1873) - Grounding Liberty Background Raised as a Utilitarian His father, James Mill, was also a well known writer on politics Nervous breakdown at age 23 3 decade long friendship with Harriet Taylor His education avoided anything that might stir his emotions – religion, romantic poetry, etc. Education included everything from Greek to algebra to logic to law Utilitarianism Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832) James Mill (1773-1836) A philosophy whose central concern is finding the greatest good or greatest happiness for the greatest number of individuals People are rational, yet selfish individuals Desire to seek pleasure and avoid pain The public interest is the policy that brings about the greatest aggregate happiness (balancing) All pleasures are considered to be equal in merit Government will meet its goal by appropriately punishing those who cause pain and rewarding conduct that causes happiness Has to be willing to change as public opinion changes
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mill - John Stewart Mill - (1806-1873) - Grounding Liberty...

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