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Name _______ KEY __________________________________ BMB 280 EXAM #1 2007 Matching: (2 point each; 20 total points) Match the letter of the choices below with the correct statement. Use ONE letter per answer; Matches maybe used more than once or perhaps not at all. 1. __ N _____ a lipid with amphipathic character a fatty acid 2. _ F,H ____ nucleotide monomer of ribonucleic acid (rNT Ps are actually the monomers) 3. _ D ______ a monosaccharide 4. __ B _____ illustrates tertiary protein structure 5. _ A ______ illustrates an important and common secondary structure of proteins 6. __ C,G,J,L _a protein monomer
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Unformatted text preview: (an amino acid) 7. ___ E ____ nucleotide derivative that functions as carrier of electrons 8.___ G ____ an amino acid with an uncharged polar side chain 9___ H ______ a nucleotide tri phosphate (ATP has 3 phosphates) 10__ K _____ headed on a course with no direction and maximum entropy (J). (G). (H). (F). (L) (A) (B) (D) (E) (k) (c) (M) (P) (a β sheet; secondary protein structure) triglyceride Note: Although I just want one of the correct answers, I’ve listed all of them here for your information. DNA double helix (N)...
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