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republic outline - Plato’s Republic - On Justice What is...

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Unformatted text preview: Plato’s Republic - On Justice What is Justice?- good life , truth and wisdom and justice- it’s always wrong to do a wrong- pg. 13 just or right means nothing but what is to the interest of the stronger party o laws made by ruling party in it’s own interest pg.13 o Right to obey men in power pg. 14 To speak truth and pay your debts – Problems with this definition To do good to our friends when they are good and harm to our enemies when they are evil – Problems with this definition The interest of the stronger – Problems with this definition – Do not always make the right decision – No infaliable pg. 14 – Majority is not always correct Justice cont. The opposite of justice is injustice Injustice is more profitable than justice – Problems with this conclusion – Always out for best interest pg. 16 – Serving interest of stranger , what is right – Justice is excellence of the soul, and injustice the defect of the soul Soul pursue wisdom want find in state even though larger should be easier to find. Pg. 18 second column Agree that if justice can be found in the state, it can also be found in the soul Plato’s Republic - On the Ideal State The ideal state Plato is looking for justice in the state, in order to define it Worse be ruled by those not smarter than you. Pg. 18, Not self sufficing pg. 18 Simplistic and basic society, food house, clothing pg. 19 Minimum state, every person born different better set for certain jobs, pg....
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republic outline - Plato’s Republic - On Justice What is...

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