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PhyLab3 - current We then ran the same set of experiments...

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PHY 112 Electric Circuits: Ohm’s Law This experiment was conducted to gather data to determine a model to predict how the current was affected by different interference sources. The experiment was conducted by setting up a simple current and inserting different resistors and lights. We then measured the voltage using the voltmeter. We took measurements before and after each element of the circuit (before the first bulb, second bulb, at the power source etc…). We also used an ammeter to measurer the current before and after the bulbs. These steps were used to ensure that we understood how to use the equipment and that we could get accurate results. We then set up a new circuit consisting of a resistor and measured the voltage before and after the resistor to find how the resistor acted on the voltage and
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Unformatted text preview: current. We then ran the same set of experiments on a similar circuit that had a rheostat connected. The final circuit had three different circuits linked together that were capable of being bypassed if so desired. All combinations of this resistor were tested as well. The data gathered by all this was used to find the following models: I = [4.63 volt]1/R + .0117 amps I = [.0406 1/ohms]V -.00646 amps These compared well with the general formula of V=IR. This was also the same as our original predictions from the beginning of the experiment. Further questions: 17) The sliding portion of a resistor changes the voltage across a current by affecting how much of the current is moved through the resistor coil. This affects how the voltage changes across the resistor....
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PhyLab3 - current We then ran the same set of experiments...

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