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Test 1 notes - Lesson 1 Subjectivity Subjectivity is the...

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Lesson 1 Subjectivity Subjectivity is the awareness of the self. The “I.” Accompanying that awareness is the awareness of others as others. Our past social existence can be said to be Tribal. The notion of “we” “We” exist. We share the same identity in tribal existence…particularly in ancient tribal existence. No concept of the “I” This did exist…and continues to exist in ways that are very different from ancient forms. In some point in history, the concept of “I” begins to exist. The principle of subjectivity. Socrates represents the principle of subjectivity. “I have an inner voice to which I listen.” The sense of security and belonging is lost. This is known as estrangement. In this estrangement, one wishes to recreate what was lost. This is called Political Consciousness. Political consciousness is rational and deliberate (self-conscious). It is meant to recreate political order. Tribes are defined by blood ties. Concern for individual rights – conscience Concern for obligation of citizenship – duty Tribal – WE HAVE NOT LEFT TRIBALISM BEHIND! The idea of a nation is tribal. Tribalism is characterized by the consciousness that we call “We” Defined by the principle of kinship. The “we” shared is blood. We are governed in tribalism by instinct and custom. If someone injures a member of our tribe, the consequence is to seek out the entire tribe. The customs in tribalism are often sacred. They live in villages. Individuated/I – Dominated by the concept of the self. We call our relationships with other beings “Associations.”
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They are secular relations. I.E. Rules, organizational memberships. We live in Cities, opposed to villages. Politics in this new species of being is characterized by reason and law. Not instinct and custom. The law seeks you out individually if someone does something wrong to someone from another city. The worst thing that can happen to you within a tribe is being exiled. In an individuated society, the worst thing that can happen is that they kill you. The best example of the presence of both species of being is a “nation/state” A nation is a group of people who share a common culture to the extension that they are consciously aware of it: ethnicity, race, language, religion, or some combination of all of these. Modern form of the “we” consciousness. A state is a people within a territory who share a common government which possesses sovereignty. It’s possible to have a state with more than one nation in it. Example: Canada (Montreal/Quebec), Shiite Sunni and Kurd. Lesson 2 Strengths and Weaknesses of Tribalism Tribalism today might not be solely based on blood ties…perhaps religion, or some other relationships. Strengths of Tribalism
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Test 1 notes - Lesson 1 Subjectivity Subjectivity is the...

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