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Lab Notebook Index (Labs go MSDS, Write up, Spectra) Kinetic vs. Thermodynamic Control and Molecular Modeling ---------- 1-3 Diels-Alder Reaction------------------------------------------------------------4-6 Williamson Ether Synthesis ---------------------------------------------------7-9 Nitration of Pipereronal--------------------------------------------------------10-12 Bromination of Acetanilide ---------------------------------------------------13-15 Friedel-Crafts Alkylation-------------------------------------------------------16-18 Isolation of Betulin & Rearrangement to Allobetulin---------------------- 19-21 Etherification Reactions ------------------------------------------------------- 22-24 N,N-Diethly- m -toluamine (DEET)-------------------------------------------25-27 Classification Tests for Aldehydes and Ketones---------------------------28-39 Aldol Condensation/2D NMR ------------------------------------------------30-32 Knoevenagel Condensation----------------------------------------------------33-35 Diphenylcyclopropenone------------------------------------------------------36-38
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Kinetic vs. Thermodynamic Control and Molecular Modeling Pre-Lab notes: Add .44g morpholine to ice cold flask with .79g t-butyl and 3 sieve beads Distill crystals in t-butyl acetoacetate and a black boiling chip, slowly add morpholine into reaction flask Let flask sit until next class and collect clear crystals from flask Notes: Solution turned rusty-orange color over first week time frame Little to no crystals formed from reaction Collected IR from other groups data via Sunil’s orders Percent Yield: 880mg-316mg = 64.09% 880mg
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Diels-Alder Reaction Pre-Lab notes: Add 2 drops of dimethylacetylenedicarboxylate into reaction tube and take weight(25mg) Weigh out 45mg of tetraphenylcyclopentadienone followed by .4ml of 1,2-dichlorobenzene along with a boiling stone heat solution in sand bath for 10 minutes until color change occurs (didn’t occur) cool solution and add .6ml of ethanol, crystallization should occur immediately put reaction flask into ice water and add .5ml of ice-cold methanol into tube, and collect crystals Notes: Solution didn’t turn color, results still good however Percent Yield: 82mg-30mg = 63.14% 82mg
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Williamson Ether Synthesis Pre-Lab Notes: measure out 760mg of vanillin and 300mg KOH into RBF add 15ml ethanol and 3ml water along with 2 boiling stones to RBF attach RBF to condenser apparatus and heat add benzyl chloride to reaction through condenser tube heat for an hour remove KOH crystals via vacuum filtration
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