PhyLab2 - we were able to calculate the object distance(Do...

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PHY 112 This experiment was conducted to gather data to determine a system specific model to predict how images will form using converging lens and mirrors. We used a lamp that projected a certain image, a screen for the image to appear on, both converging mirrors and lens, and a tract to allow the lens, mirrors and screen to move along. We conducted the experiment by moving the screen and lens/mirrors to different lengths along the tract to find out the distances that would allow for a clear image to appear on the screen (in other words, to find the focal point and different distances). We kept the lamp intensity, height of the lamp, height of the lens/mirrors constant with all these experiments. We experimented with the distance from the lamp and the distance from the lens/mirror to where the image was. We did this by sliding the lens/mirror in 5cm increments and then moving the screen until we had a sharp, clear image. From this data
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Unformatted text preview: we were able to calculate the object distance (Do) and image distance (Di). We then plotted this data and proceeded to make the line linear it by taking the inverse of both Do and Di. We concluded that the system specific model from our data was 1/Di = [-1.04] Do + 0.136cm. This was similar to the rest of class as we all did the same experiment. The general model for this experiment was 1/Di +1/Do = 1/f. Our model was similar to this model in the sense that we had a direct relationship to the Do and Di. We also found in this experiment that the focal length for our lens was approximately 8cm and we also found that we could not obtain an image closer then 8.5cm from the lamp which indicated that the minimum focal length was around 8.5cm. The largest source of error in this experiment came from how we determined was a clear image was on the screen. This could have been seen differently by each of us in the group and led to less then accurate results....
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PhyLab2 - we were able to calculate the object distance(Do...

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