BioChem6 - BMB 323 Plasmid DNA Isolation and...

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BMB 323 Plasmid DNA Isolation and Characterization by Electrophoresis & The Action of Restriction Endonucleases on DNA Abstract The isolation and characterization of DNA plasmids is an instrumental aspect of molecular sciences and future endeavors into these fields. By isolating specific genes with restriction enzymes we can create multiple copies of the specific gene to be inserted into vectors that will replicate the gene and express the desired protein(s). By isolating the genes, measuring them, and decoding them into a genetic map of an organism which can then be used is a number of different ways. The preferred method of measuring the genes is electrophoresis. Results Hae bands: 650kb, 4000kb -- cut twice Eco Bands: 4000kb, 1650kb – cut twice Uncut bands: 5000kb --uncut Discussion The concept of this lab was to isolate, cut, and characterize a DNA segment. This process was started by the isolation of the bacterial DNA. This was accomplished by lysing the bacteria via lysozyme. An alkaline solution was then added to the lysed
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/18/2008 for the course BMB 322 taught by Professor Cashon during the Spring '08 term at University of Maine Orono .

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BioChem6 - BMB 323 Plasmid DNA Isolation and...

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