Rock and Blues - MUSIC 107 UNIT I BEGINNINGS TO EARLY 1950s...

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MUSIC 107 UNIT I BEGINNINGS TO EARLY 1950s INTRODUCTION TO ROCK AND BLUES MUSIC AFFECTS US Music affects Behavior ___Physiologically Thoughts, moods, Choices Advertisers use music in commercials Remember Film/TV producers spend time, energy, money on music Environmental music suppliers research Certain kinds of music calms/stimulate workers Music increases retention of lessons Many leaders understood music’s ability to affect human behavior Not just harmless, good-time entertainment Not utterly devoid of affective power influences ROCK AND BLUES AS ART FORMS Art: creative act that springs from artist’s experience Evolving art forms tied to culture Art can reflect society clearly or vaguely Can react against society Musical interpretations of specific artists (not composers) Personal way of sounding, playing , phrasing, choosing notes Methods of shaping musical material Defined by Ingredients, proportions, characteristics Difficulty establishing legitiamcy Early blues history unrecorded Unworthy of musicologists’ study What Is Rock? Group of musical styles originating in America Produced for youth audience Lasting social impact Most important economic factor in music industry Commercially successful, mass cultural form Dominates music industry Has meaning to expanding audience Cuts across economic/ethnic First revolution of media-enfranchised society Forms/sounds necessary to society Symphony orchestras, Broadway shows, marching bands, athletic events Serves interest of common people Subject matter from everyday life
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Rock artist’s crude enunciation Expressing something from within Began as form of rebellion Anti-establishment Social/political indicator society Vocal music Rock artists/acts remembered for singing BEATLES Magical Mystery Tour (67) “Magical Mystery Tour” What Is The Blues? Music with characteristics of folk music Originated as oral tradition in black America Improvisation, ___sung ____________ melody, simple chords Passed on ____orally___________ to next generation Perpetual presence in lives of _______Black________ Americans Personified as “Mister Blues” Many blacks have ideological belief in the blues 1 st st commercially successful Black _______women________ Deeply political Connection with ________oppressed_______ position of blacks Social force in black society Personalized Blues singers nearly always sang about _______themselves________ Prevailing sense of ______irony_________ Feeling of _______hope________ in pain Expresses genuine _______reality________
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Rock and Blues - MUSIC 107 UNIT I BEGINNINGS TO EARLY 1950s...

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