Rock and Blues 3 - UNIT 3 THE 1970s BLUES IN THE 1970s...

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Unformatted text preview: UNIT 3 THE 1970s BLUES IN THE 1970s Westside blues turned into ________mainstream_______ blues Blues _______rock________ bands played blue-eyed blues Mixed with _____rock__________ Guitar solos Up-front ___drumming____________ MAINSTREAM BLUES Mainstream blues singers of 60s-70s Catered to _______wider________ audience than Westsiders Recordings more _______commercially________ successful Touch of _______soul________ Continued tradition of electric, Chicago-styled blues Bonnie Raitt Bonnie Lynn Raitt (b. 49) Unique ________slide_______ -guitar style Learned from listening to records Instead of from _______watching________ guitarists ________bottleneck_______ over middle finger Inspired by Son House, Robert Johnson, Buddy Guy Met Sippie Wallace in 72 _________Concertized______ together Great _______influence________ on Raitt In 60-70s, worked clubs, concerts, festivals Toured with major bluesmen Interpretation of blues Earned reputation among _______folk________ & blues festivals Impressed executives at Warner Bros. Bonnie Raitt (71) recorded in ________garage_______ Streetlights (74) moved toward _________pop______ music & ballads Blurred lines between blues, folk, country, rock Many appearances in 80s on _______TV________ More recordings & tours Blues, _____rock__________, folk, R&B songs 80s-90s albums more _______commercial________ with slick arrangements Nick Of Time (89) won 4 Grammy Awards Luck of the Draw (91) won 3 Grammies Grammy for duet with ________John Lee Hooker_______ on The Healer Has won 9 Grammies & sold 15 million albums Uniquely gritty, rich singing style Superlative blues ______interpreter_________ Emotionally deep _______vocals________ Best at gutsy renditions of blues ______Standards_________ Soulful, warm, relaxed voice never oversells songs Impressive ________writer_______ But records mostly _______covers________ BONNIE RAITT Give It Up (72) Love Me Like A Man Koko Taylor Cora Walton (b. 35) Chicagos First _______Lady________ of the Blues Influence of _____Gospel__________ music & female blues singers Moved to Chicago in 53 Sat in with Howlin Wolf, Buddy Guy, __Willie Dixon_____________ Began recording in 63 After meeting Willie Dixon of Chess Records He produced her first recordings As ______blues_________ audience shifted from black to white Commanded following in Chicagos white-dominated ________North_______ Side Success led to more recordings Toured with American Folk Blues Festival in 67 Koko Taylor (69) 1 st album Appeared at _______Jazz________ & blues festivals in 70s Sang at clubs, _______Colleges________, concerts In film about Chicago blues 1 st _______female________ to sign with Alligator Records Grammy-nominated debut, I Got What It Takes (76) Back into blues ________limelight_______ _______Rave________ reviews for albums of 80s-90s _________Headliner______ in blues venues around world Featured in blues magazines & films Still active in todays marketplace...
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Rock and Blues 3 - UNIT 3 THE 1970s BLUES IN THE 1970s...

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