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Page 1 of 12 BIO 1140 - INTRODUCTION TO CELL BIOLOGY SECTION A FINAL EXAMINATION - APRIL 2007 3 HOURS Prof. J. Fenwick NO BOOKS, NOTES OR CALCULATORS PERMITTED PLEASE DO NOT ASK QUESTIONS DURING THE EXAM AS THEY WILL NOT BE ANSWERED GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: All writing must be in black or blue INK . Figures may be drawn in pencil. There are THREE SECTIONS to this exam. SECTION A : twenty-five multiple choice questions that must be answered using the multiple choice answer sheet provided. Be certain to write in your name and student number and fill in the appropriate boxes on this sheet. You may take the multiple choice question sheet home. SECTION B PART ONE : Ten short-answer questions, worth a total of fifty marks, which which must be answered in the spaces provided. SECTION B PART TWO: three questions, two worth ten marks and one worth five marks. Your answers must be confined to the spaces provided. NOTE! For some unknown reason many students write answers that do not contain all of the information that they know and that is relevant to the question. Don't over do it, and do budget your time, but don't quit writing when you still have time and still have important information unwritten. For example, if you have time at the end, go back over your major answers and see if you have included a concluding statement about the significance of whatever you have been writing about. DO NOT OPEN THE EXAM UNTIL INSTRUCTED TO DO SO
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Page 2 of 12 YOU MAY TAKE THESE SHEETS HOME SECTION A: 25 MARKS 1. Which is not true concerning adherens belts? a. cell-cell adhesion d. bind to actin via linker proteins b. are associated with integrins e. are anchoring junctions c. are adhesive junctions 2. The movement of something between two cells, from one side of an epithelial sheet to the other side of the epithelial sheet, is most accurately described as a. transmembrane. d. transepithelial. b. paracellular. e. none of the above are very accurate. c. intracellular 3. If the critical concentration of G-actin is greater than that of the plus end of the filament but less than that of the minus end of the filament, which of the following will occur?
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