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Suppl 2003 - 1 Write an essay entitled ‘The Endomembrane...

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BIO 1110 - INTRODUCTION TO CELL BIOLOGY SUPPLEMENTAL EXAMINATION - JULY, 2003 NO BOOKS, NOTES OR CALCULATORS PERMITTED 3 HOURS Professor James C. Fenwick GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS This exam consists of five fairly general questions each of which is worth twenty marks . You must do all five questions. Answers must be in black or blue ink although you may use pencil for any drawings you use. Write or print you answers in the examination booklet(s) provided and please be certain to indicate at the start of your answer the number of the question you are answering because sometimes it is difficult to determine which question a student thinks they are answering L ! You have more than a half of an hour for each question so take your time.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Write an essay entitled ‘The Endomembrane System’. 2. Write an essay entitled ‘Types of Cell Connections’ within which you list and describe the major types of connections that cells make with other cells and with the extracellular matrix. 3. Describe in detail the process of replication as it occurs in eukaryotes. 4. Tell me exactly what ‘The Endosymbiotic Hypothesis’ says with regards to mitochondria and chloroplasts. What is the accepted evidence for this hypothesis? Remember to also include the chemical, biochemical and molecular biological evidence. 5. Tell me all you know about ‘the nucleus’....
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