Flore Macdonald Denison-nov 30

Flore Macdonald Denison-nov 30 - Flore Macdonald Denison...

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Flore Macdonald Denison Exam- Section A-1 question of 6-ideology, separate sphere, attitudes to female body, female sexuality—look through lecture materials set up answers in your mind Section B-identify and explain 5 of 10 -people, places , events concepts -who what when were and why -worked for Robert simpsons company, dressmaker -stays with Simpsons until 1905 -goes into business for herself -early twentieth century entrepreneur -choice of occuptation will have a lot of influence on her political ideology -in many cases as bad as conditions were in factories, small shops were the worst -worst off were the outworkers, homework system, needle trades in own homes -Denison involved in this industry, forces her to think about societal structure and female role in these structures -very aware of conditions of work -agent of exploitation -owns her own dressmaking shop, employs women who work for her in this industry -does not pay them unusually high wages-market wages -she did treat them fairly, provided them with working conditions that were better than some others -her shop makes clothes for Toronto’s upper crust -Newspaper articles describing the outfits Denision-very difficult to reconcile her work (as an employer of women in needle trade) and her creations (for conspicuous consumption) and her beliefs (hated social snobbery) -hates caste -uniforms-social status issue, deliberate activity to make servant remember they are a workers at all times -feminist who believes that the fashions of the day are oftentimes uncomfortable and unhealthy for women Solution is the equality of the classes-problem for Denison intellectual disconnect b/w political beliefs and her daily life (creator of these fashions) -problem is, Denison had a very precarious financial situation for a long time -now through her hard work had a middle class lifestyle-didn’t want to give that up -confronts class exploitation in an awkward way Philosophy she develops-> focused on democracy (how she deals with contradictions) believes in the dignity of all labour (all the same value) (never goes as far as to adopt socialism)wanted people to recognize each others work, not to resort to social exclusiveness or snobbery. In her ideal society, everyone would work, have mutual respect for each others work. Influenced by an American poet, Walt Whitman Whitmanite movement-influences her views on nature, womens movement After 1900-when Denison is in her mid thirties becomes active in the womens movement, like the whitmanite’s also meets dr. Emily Howard Stowe-suffragette and a doctor
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-meets doctor stowe in 1903, dr. stowe helps Denison find her way into the suffrage movement -important to Denison, outlet for her beliefs about social justice, becomes a prominate suffrage -she becomes a leader in suffrage organizations in Canada 1906-1914 -she does this well because she is a writer Emmileane Pankhurst-comes to speak in Toronto 1909 because of Denison -in her own home has offices -pays the rent on the headquarters -major player in the suffrage campaign
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Flore Macdonald Denison-nov 30 - Flore Macdonald Denison...

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