Treatment of the female offender

Treatment of the female offender - Treatment of the female...

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Treatment of the female offender: I. Introduction -women were to be the epitome of virtue -single women really wives in training, practised until they were married -were expected to guard their virginity at all costs (womans most prized possession -reality didn’t often times conform to these particular ideals -particular true in homesteading, performed work out of necessity (physical labour) -as cities progress, theres room for luxury, one of these luxuries is to indulge in actualization of these rules -generalizations dangerous but as pioneer places become established standards of behaviour become more strict by the Victorian era the woman was very clearly defined-pure, pious, sober, protectors of home and heart , unmarried virgins -men had a much more base nature than women, also a standard of desired behaviour but much greater tolerance of men who fell short of standard -but for women there was no deviation from this ideal Owen carrigan- a man who drank and proused was sowing his wild oats, a women who did the same was terrible -the transgressions with which women were charged, transgression of this ideal and with moral standards -at the same time, ambivalence towards female offender -publicly denounced sometimes punished severely (hilda blake hung) -but on the other hand, women were pure, gentile, they were also the weaker sex, so consequently men sometimes found it very difficult to deal wth the female offender who was brought in front of them. Women were supposed to be protected by men, they were to look after them defend them in many cases. So it was very difficult for men to sentence them to be whipped, jailed or hanged -and that dielemma could work to the benefit of women -in many instances women got different sentences than men, got more lenient sentences than men, even when the two had participated in the same crime at the same time -chivalric-treated lenienetly for protection -women being condemned for infanticide abortion, women being tortured to extract
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Treatment of the female offender - Treatment of the female...

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