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BELOW ARE SOME SAMPLE OPEN-ENDED QUESTIONS OF THE TYPE I WILL ASK ON THE FINAL EXAM. POSSIBLE ANSWERS ARE IN BOLD, TEAL FONT, BELOW. I will ask things along the following lines: Comparing different methods (e.g., qualitative/quantitative; observational/experimental; covert/observant) and samples (e.g., probability/non- probability) in terms of o Strengths/weaknesses o What is best in certain circumstances (exploratory vs. theory testing; if have a lot of funding or not; if generalizability is important, etc.). General questions, methods, and findings of key studies in course readings or those discussed in class (e.g. Wysong’s work on DARE; qualitative studies you read for class). Be able to interpret, very clearly and completely, a crosstab or correlation table if presented with one. Below are some sample open-ended questions: I will not ask these two actual questions.
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Unformatted text preview: Sample Question 1 . Describe two advantages of experimental methods (i.e., over survey or qualitative methods) (4 points possible): Better establish causal relationships (internal validity) Control of potentially spurious or explanatory variables Easy to replicate Easy to analyze quantitatively Sample Question 2 . State two reasons why researchers who use survey data report the frequency distribution of groups and subgroups in their sample (4 points possible). To determine whether sample is structured like population from which it is drawn, generalizability, whether sample captures population characteristics (representative), etc. To see if n (whole sample or subgroup) is large enough to limit sampling error, increase precision...
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