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Assignment 5_Qualit_0113 - Methods of Social Research SYA...

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Dr. A. Schwabe, Spring 2008 Assignment 5: Qualitative Interview Project Due date: THURSDAY, April 10 th Possible Points: 30 For this assignment you can refer to class readings and draw on class exercises. You need to turn in a hard copy (typed or word-processed, double-spaced) of the assignment to me by the due date. You’ll also need to turn in a back-up copy to the Digital Drop Box via our course Bb site. Here’s what to do: A) Assignment purpose and goals: The goal is to learn more about the meanings of health to people in their everyday lives, as well as what people perceive “cause” good health and what the social influences on their health seem to be. I provide general guidelines for preparing for the interview, below, as well as guiding questions. Please add some of your own questions. Be prepared in advance, but be flexible – if you think of something brilliant or interesting to ask during the interview, ask it! Even if it means bypassing a question or two that you’d planned to ask in advance. B) Preparing for the interview: 1. Arrange to interview three people, face-to-face, at least one week before the project is due (preferably earlier). Try to interview at least one person who is not a college student. Set up a specific time and place (where you feel safe and comfortable conducting the interview, with some privacy so respondents will be honest). 2. Make sure to print the “Informed Consent” form for each respondent, which also includes my e-mail address and office phone, so people can contact me if they have questions. This form is at the bottom of this assignment. Your directions for introducing and explaining the form follows this assignment sheet. NOTE: During the interview, jot down the person’s reaction to the informed consent form or any questions they had. 3. The purpose is to get experience in conducting qualitative research interviews for an undergraduate course in research methods. You can also say a little about the nature of the project, what the interview will involve, or whatever you think the respondent would like to “hear” (read) before beginning. 4. Tell the person you plan to interview that it should take between 15-30 minutes of their time. C) Conducting the interview:
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Assignment 5_Qualit_0113 - Methods of Social Research SYA...

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