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PPE3003--March 26

PPE3003--March 26 - PPE3003 Chapter 15(part 2-Personality...

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PPE3003 3/26/08 Chapter 15 (part 2) Personality and Social Interaction I. Evocation a. We evoke reactions from others i. Your Personality your behavior friends reaction ii. Friends personality friends behavior your reaction II. Aggression and evocation of hostility a. Aggressive people evoke hostility from others i. Aggressive personality aggressive behavior hostile reactions b. Hostile attributional bias i. Tendency to infer hostile intent from ambiguous behavior ii. Ex. you ask someone a quest and they don’t respond iii. Hostile: they’re purposely Ignore you iv. Non-host: they didn’t hear you v. Expectation of hostility aggressive behavior vi. People treated aggressively tend to aggress back vii. Conclus: aggressive people evoke hostility III. Evocation though expectancy confirmation a. Expectancy confirmation: i. What beliefs about personality of others promote behaviors that evoke actions consistent with initial beliefs ii. AKA self fulfilling prophecies iii.
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