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PPE3003--April 2

PPE3003--April 2 - PPE3003 Chapter 17(part-Culture and...

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PPE3003 4/2/08 Chapter 17 (part ) Culture and Personality I. Cultural Violations—an illustration a. some aspects of personality differ a lot across cultures b. others are universal i. shared by people everywhere II. Cultural Personality Psychology a. Cultural variation: Within group similarities and between group differences of any sort i. Physical ii. Psychological iii. Behavioral iv. Attitudinal b. 3 goals i. Discover 1. principles underlying cultural diversity 2. how human psychology shapes culture III. Three major approaches to Culture a. Evoked Culture b. Transmitted Culture c. Cultural Universals IV. Evoked Culture a. Development of personality traits triggered by environment b. Two ingredients needed to explain evoked differences i. A universal underlying mechanism 1. the potential to do something ii. environmental differences in activation of this mechanism 1. can trigger the potential V. Evoked Cooperation (food sharing) a. Cultural differences in food sharing depend on environment i. Variance in food supply b.
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