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PPE3003--march 19 - PPE3003 3/19/08 Chapter 14 -Approaches...

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PPE3003 3/19/08 Chapter 14 Approaches to the Self I. Self-Concept a. Basis for self-understanding b. Answer to question “who am I?” c. Provides sense of continuity d. Helps understand past and present behavior e. Guides for future behavior f. Guides how we process info about selves II. Development of self-concept a. Infant realizes it is distinct from the other world i. Basic sense of self-awareness of own body b. Age 2-3 i. Recognize own sex and age ii. Self-concept expands to include family c. Age 3-12 i. Self-concept based on developing abilities d. Age 5-6 i. Start of social comparison ii. Learn to keep secrets and lie 1. private self-concept e. Teens i. Perspective taking 1. ex. body image, 2. worried about how others see me 3. “how do others see me?” III. Shyness a. Evaluation apprehension: i. Nervousness about being evaluated ii. Aka social anxiety b. Shy people: i. NOT introverts ii. Desire friendships and social interactions iii. Held back by insecurities/fears iv. Interpret social interactions negatively
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PPE3003--march 19 - PPE3003 3/19/08 Chapter 14 -Approaches...

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