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PPE3003--March 3 - PPE3003 3/3/08 Chapter 12 (part...

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PPE3003 3/3/08 Chapter 12 (part 1) Cognitive Topics in Personality I. Introduction a. Cognitive approach: i. Individual differences in how people process information ii. Perception: 1. Imposing order on sensory information iii. Interpretation 1. Making sense of or explaining events iv. Beliefs and desires: 1. peoples standards for evaluating selves and others v. intelligence II. Field Dependence-Independence a. Field independent (F-Ind) people focus more on details regardless of background info i. Better able to screen out distracting info and focus on a task b. Field Dependent (F-Dep) people pay attention to multiple sources of info i. Look at the “big picture” c. Measures used to assess field-dependence i. Rod and Frame Test (RFT) 1. align a rod within frames so that the rod is vertical ii. Ebedded figures Test (EFT) 1. finding shapes in a larger design (like a hidden picture from highlights magazine) d. current research i. F-Ind students learn more effectively in media rich instructional
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PPE3003--March 3 - PPE3003 3/3/08 Chapter 12 (part...

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