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PPE3003--April 16

PPE3003--April 16 - c Narrative approach identity is like a...

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PPE3003 4/16/08 Chapter 20 Current and Future Directions I. Dispositional domain a. What aspects of personality are stable and make people different from each other b. Trait psychologists: continued focus on i. Measurement ii. Looking for unidentified traits II. Biological domain a. Advances in technology may lead to new understanding of genetic influences i. Ex: 1. D4DR gene b. fMRI technology is improving i. enhanced resolution, accuracy, and interpretation c. evolutionary perspective is frequently applied to new topics i. ultimate vs. proximate explanations for behavior III. Intrapsychic Domain a. How unconscious processes influence behavior, thoughts, and feelings i. Research on repressed memories ii. Freud not referenced much any more by modern psychologists IV. Cognitive-Experiential Domain a. How perception and interpretation influence personality b. Future research may focus on self-concept/self-identity i. What is identity? ii. What about identity stays the same? iii. What changes? When? How?
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Unformatted text preview: c. Narrative approach: identity is like a story we tell ourselves d. Goals and emotions are being incorporated into theories about how we view the world. V. Social Cultural Domain a. Measuring personality traits is critical to understanding social phenomena i. Interactions between personality and situation b. Cross-cultural studies may further investigate how culture evokes personality VI. Adjustment Domain a. Personality plays a key role in how we deal with life events b. Future focus on health outcomes and health behaviors c. Shift toward looking at the role of positive emotions i. May impact understanding and treatment of disorders EXAM TIPS: 1. 96% over chapters 18 and 19 2. general adaptation syndrome (ch. On stress) 3. 8-9 quest. That describe someone with some symptoms and you need to pick out with disorder they have 4. coping strategies a. different ways of dealing with stress 5....
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PPE3003--April 16 - c Narrative approach identity is like a...

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