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PPE3003--Feb 27 - PPE3003 2/27/08 Chapter 11 (part...

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PPE3003 2/27/08 Chapter 11 (part 2) Motives and Personality I. The big 3 motives a. Need for: i. Achievement ii. Power iii. Intimacy II. Need for Achievement (nAch) a. People with high need for achievement i. Prefer activities that offer some (but not too much) challenge ii. Enjoy tasks where they are personally responsible for the outcome 1. may have problems with group tasks iii. like to be able to get feedback—the ability to advance III. Need for Power (nPow) a. Readiness/preference for having an impact on people b. Like to have control i. Over situations ii. Over other people c. Sex differences i. Men (not women—women can be high in nPow tho) with high nPow act impulsive and aggressive d. “profligate” impulsive behaviors (ex. drinking, aggression, sexual exploitation) less likely to occur if person has responsibiliy training —term researchers use for someone who has to take care of another (ex. parent, dog owner) because they are training by taking care of others e. People with high nPow do not deal well with frustration or conflict i. Strong stress responses ii. High blood pressure
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PPE3003--Feb 27 - PPE3003 2/27/08 Chapter 11 (part...

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