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PPE3003--March 7

PPE3003--March 7 - PPE3003 3/08 Chapter 13(part 1-Emotion...

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PPE3003 3//08 Chapter 13 (part 1) Emotion and Personality I. 3 components of emotion a. Subjective feelings b. Bodily changes i. Nervous system ii. Breathing iii. Blood chemistry iv. Expressions—facial or body language c. Action tendencies i. Emotions motivate certain behavior II. Are a source of individual differences a. Different reactions to the same event i. Ex. public speaking 1. excitement vs. fear III. States vs. traits a. Emotional states i. How you feel right now ii. Temporary iii. Depends more on situation than person b. Emotional traits i. How you feel in general ii. Patterns of emotional reactions experienced across time and situations IV. Approaches to studying emotion a. Categorical approach i. Try to identify “primary” emotions ii. Low agreement about which emotions are important 1. different criteria used for defining “primary” emotion iii. functional perspective 1. emotions have specific functions a. anger: fight off threat/rivals—evolutionary apprch b. fear—escape from harm c.
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