PPE3003--April 11

PPE3003--April 11 - PPE3003 4/11/08 Chapter 19 (part 1)...

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PPE3003 4/11/08 Chapter 19 (part 1) Disorders of Personality I. defining “disorder” a. a pattern of distressing behavior or experiences i. can cause disability or impairment ii. ex. losing job, friends, or health problems b. increased risk for i. further suffering ii. loss of function iii. death iv. jail c. sub matter of abnormal psychology classes II. What is abnormal? a. Statistical definition i. Whatever is rare, infrequent, not statistically normal b. Social definition i. Whatever society doesn’t tolerate c. Both definitions are relative i. Depend on social/cultural norms d. Solution: ask about feeling and thoughts i. If people report problems they may actually have problems e. Psychopathology i. Study of mental disorders f. DSM-IV: system for diagnosing and describing mental disorders i. Symptom checklists ii. Statistical probabilities III. What is a personality disorder? a. Enduring pattern of experience and behavior that differs greatly from cultural expectations b. Maladaptive variations or combos of normal traits
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PPE3003--April 11 - PPE3003 4/11/08 Chapter 19 (part 1)...

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